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Sometimes all you want is to have the option to choose, even if it doesn’t go the way that you hoped it would; you still want to have the choice…

Richard Sherman, Thugs, and Black Humanity

A very good read, and something to make you think…

Olivia A. Cole


Today I’m wondering what it takes for a black man to be regarded as human in America.

Today Richard Sherman is being lambasted for his animated post-game interview in which he dared to express emotion outside of the cubic centimeter men of color are allotted. A cornerback in one of the most physically demanding sports in the country—after a game in which bodies were injured and crushed; after a game that required players to be helped off the field—wins a critical game and has a microphone stuck in his face. He says what he says, and suddenly the nation is clutching its pearls, tutting and making pretend-concerned remarks about sportsmanship and graciousness. Today, Tom Brady criticizes Richard Sherman for his lack of “graciousness.” Today, Richard Sherman is being called a thug, and I’m wondering what that word really means.

Does it mean foul-mouthed? After all, Tom Brady was never called…

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If you would st…

If you would start writing…
Things would get clearer
The fog would disappear
You could see what you’re thinking
You could discern the truth
You could free up some mental space
You could feel better inside
You could find the way out
You could know that you’re sane
You could clear away the cobwebs
You could stumble upon your hidden treasure
You could understand yourself a lot better
You could make a business plan
You could reach your dream
You could solve your problem
You could become illuminated
You could cleanse your heart
You could heal your pain
You could find love again
You could get a new job
You could blaze a new trail
You could find yourself
You could mend your broken spirit
You could ease your broken heart
You could write great stories
You could help somebody
You could write your book
You could change your life
You could change the world…
Start writing! Today!

This is why I write. No, this is why I LOVE to write. Writing can become anything you want it to be and for me that is expressing myself, and with that self expression I can just run with it because it can turn into anything. Everyone has a favorite thing that they like to do and for me that is writing and I do it because it helps to relax me and get me through whatever I might be going through. Writing for me is a part of my everyday life, a part of my being…and it just makes sense.

“Don’t let toda…

“Don’t let today slip through your fingers, take the necessary steps to make it all that you feel that it should be…”-Me

This just came to me and made me think of how easily we can let today fall by the wayside and never do all that we feel that we should do, or whatever is on our hearts. We may just walk around and let time slip away…DON’T, get up and do whatever you need to, to make today count and not having to look back on it with regrets. 

“If someone rea…

“If someone really loved you they wouldn’t let you slip away no matter how hard the situation is…”

While scrolling on a facebook page I saw this saying or phrase these words, whatever you want to call it, and it got me to thinking. My initial thought was of my recent split from the one I gave my heart to, but the more time passed and as I continued to think about these words I realized that to me this doesn’t hold that much merit. Why do I say this? I say this because although things in life are hard, and we tend to make them harder than they need to be, I believe that love is one thing that shouldn’t have to be hard. L-o-v-e is the one thing in this world that should come easily without any pretenses and the drama that seems to come along with everything else now-a-days. The reason why I say this is because when I think of my recent situation, if that person cared half as much as they said that they did, then we wouldn’t had tough times (at least not the one that kept reoccurring) and I can only speak for myself as this is how I feel. I believe that we make things hard and love never is, nor has it been, we take it there and can never seem to find our way back…