Seeing It Through

It is so easy to come up with an idea, and even quicker to not see it through. Right now this is something that I am facing because I know what I need to do but my problem is following it through. Why is that? We can have the greatest idea but don’t have the drive to see it completely through. What I am currently conjuring up in my head will only help me to evolve as a person and make a better future for myself, but that is only if I have the guts to see it through. That is the problem, we become so scared of the what-if’s that we never really give ourselves a fair chance to succeed. As much as we fear being great beyond our own measure we need to realize that if we never try we don’t know what will happen, and the what-if’s will always be there. The most important thing in life that I never want to do is live a life full of regrets, so it’s time to shake off the fear (and procrastination) and move forward with my ideas of today, which could turn into something great tomorrow.