The Unthinkable…Isn’t So

The moment when you are minding your own business and your heart stops….this is the feeling that so many people have, and just hours ago at Bush Airport countless others have felt that same feeling. A shooting had occurred in Terminal B and even though I do not have all of the specifics just to know that a place where in the last ten or so years security is supposed to be on the highest alert makes you wonder how this could have happened. More than anything, it makes you question all of the careless and horrendous act of violence that have been happening lately all around the world. When things like this happen it just reminds me that nowhere is safe and at any moment any thing can happen. The one thing that gets me through things like this is my faith and praying to God, asking that His angels will watch over me throughout my days. The way the world is going now you never know when anything will happen that will not be what you expected.