As much as I would like to have a green thumb, I am convinced that I don’t have one….yet. I told myself that I wanted to grow my own herbs so I bought a few and potted them and placed them in the front of the house. I watered them in the beginning and then with a week of rain I knew that I didn’t need to water them because they had had their fair share of it. As I went through the week I didn’t think too much about the herbs and as soon as they crossed my mind, the thought was soon forgotten by something else.

Just today I went out to check on them, and what I found looked like I hadn’t been out there in forever. I looked at my herbs, which had dried up and were so lifeless, that I felt so guilty about not taking the proper care of them. As I looked at them and realized that I would probably never inherit the ‘green thumb’ that so many get, it made me think of how lifeless the herbs were now, but I knew that if I took care of them that they could possibly blossom into what they should have been. I started to think about how sometimes, we can face lifeless situations in the beginning and if we take the time to actually nurture them the way that they need to be, and if we are attentive to them, that they can grow out of their lifelessness and become something beautiful.

Just because things may lose their luster and may not look like what we once remember them to be does not mean that if we take care of them the way that we should that they will not be what they were to once be.