Have You Ever?

Have you ever had one of those moments where out of nowhere, someone you haven’t thought about in years crosses your mind? I think we’ve all been there, and for me it was a guy who wasn’t exactly an ex, but he was an example of what I didn’t want going forward. (Hmmm…I might have to write that down!) I was sitting on my couch trying to find something to watch on tv and I began scrolling through social media and there he was-everything I realized that I didn’t want, but once upon a time he was everything my imagination told me was good for me. In that moment when I saw him I was taken back by my feelings-I had to catch myself because out of nowhere all of those old feelings came back and took me by surprise. As I looked at him I got swept back up in to everything that I remembered feeling-the feelings that I could never turn off. I looked closely enough to where it felt like time just stood still, but then came my common sense and it took me by surprise and before I knew it the feeling was gone like the rain once the sun has come out. I sat there knowing that it’s okay to feel those feelings or be taken back down memory lane, but just because I have those feelings I don’t have to get stuck there nor do I need to sit there and try to relive them by-take them for nothing more than a fleeting memory.


Oh how I love Sunday’s….and that was not always the case. Until now Sunday’s represented the end of the weekend and the beginning of yet another agonizing work week. But now, I am able to appreciate Sunday’s more than I used to and I guess I can chalk that up to being able to use this day to really relax and kind of ease into my weekly routine (before it actually gets here). Going from work to here and there, then running errands, doesn’t leave you much free time to just “be” so when I am able to carve a few minutes out of my day to just relax and let my mind be at ease-it’s always a good thing. This for me now is one of those things that I can appreciate and really embrace-especially because I can use this as a day to just gear myself up for what I want to do next. I have the time to reflect on the previous week and know what I want to do differently. So, as your Sunday winds down take the time to reflect on and to embrace your time and what you will do for this new week.

Have a Great Week! xoxoxo