Happy Sunday

With so much happening, ┬áit is very easy to lose hope and doubt ourselves. Don’t let the fog in our minds be bigger than what we know God is capable of doing in our lives. Do not give up, give it to God!

Get your FIRE back. It’s not OVER until God says it’s over. Start BELIEVING again! Start DREAMING again! Start PURSUING what God put in your heart.

No matter what our problems may be,  remember God is bigger than your oppsition. Be blessed.

Something New…

When I started this blog I knew that I wanted to explain things from my perspective. I wanted to talk about love and life. Being that life is more than just those two things, I wanted to include those little random things that come to mind that can either make us: laugh, very, or think. So I want to include a “So Random” column, worth things that I (our you) just happen to think about. I believe those random things make life memorable and I want to include those as well. So let’s share and enjoy the randomness…