If you would st…

If you would start writing…
Things would get clearer
The fog would disappear
You could see what you’re thinking
You could discern the truth
You could free up some mental space
You could feel better inside
You could find the way out
You could know that you’re sane
You could clear away the cobwebs
You could stumble upon your hidden treasure
You could understand yourself a lot better
You could make a business plan
You could reach your dream
You could solve your problem
You could become illuminated
You could cleanse your heart
You could heal your pain
You could find love again
You could get a new job
You could blaze a new trail
You could find yourself
You could mend your broken spirit
You could ease your broken heart
You could write great stories
You could help somebody
You could write your book
You could change your life
You could change the world…
Start writing! Today!

This is why I write. No, this is why I LOVE to write. Writing can become anything you want it to be and for me that is expressing myself, and with that self expression I can just run with it because it can turn into anything. Everyone has a favorite thing that they like to do and for me that is writing and I do it because it helps to relax me and get me through whatever I might be going through. Writing for me is a part of my everyday life, a part of my being…and it just makes sense.

Author: She is The Chaos Coordinator

Life can be Chaotic, but it can also be Beautiful.

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