Richard Sherman, Thugs, and Black Humanity

A very good read, and something to make you think…

Olivia A. Cole


Today I’m wondering what it takes for a black man to be regarded as human in America.

Today Richard Sherman is being lambasted for his animated post-game interview in which he dared to express emotion outside of the cubic centimeter men of color are allotted. A cornerback in one of the most physically demanding sports in the country—after a game in which bodies were injured and crushed; after a game that required players to be helped off the field—wins a critical game and has a microphone stuck in his face. He says what he says, and suddenly the nation is clutching its pearls, tutting and making pretend-concerned remarks about sportsmanship and graciousness. Today, Tom Brady criticizes Richard Sherman for his lack of “graciousness.” Today, Richard Sherman is being called a thug, and I’m wondering what that word really means.

Does it mean foul-mouthed? After all, Tom Brady was never called…

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Help Bearing The Load

I was reading my Daily Bread and as I read today’s passage (or yesterday’s for some) I was reminded that no matter how hard life may seem, God is always there to help us with whatever load we may be carrying….

“In the 19th century, ships were often recklessly overloaded, resulting in those ships going down and the crews being lost at sea. In 1875, to remedy this negligent practice, British politician Samuel Plimsoll led the charge for legislation to create a line on the side of a ship to show if it was caring too much cargo. That “load line” became known as the Plimsoll Line, and it continues to mark the hulls of ships today. Sometimes, like those ships, our lives can seem overloaded with fears, struggles, and heartaches. We can even feel that we are in danger of going under. In those times, however, it is reassuring to remember that we have a remarkable resource. We have a heavenly Father who stands ready to help us carry that load. The apostle Peter said,” Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He might exalt you in due time, casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you”. He is capable of handling the cares that overwhelm us. Though the testings of life may feel like a burden too heavy to bear, we can have full assurance that our heavenly Father loves us deeply and knows our load limits. Whatever we face, He will help us to bear it.

When you feel as if you can’t go on, you’re tired, you feel weak, or worn; thank God that He knows your limits better than you do. And that, in Your strength, You can find the enablement to endure whatever is to come in life. God may lead us into troubled waters, but it is only to deepen our trust in Him. Just believe…


If you would st…

If you would start writing…
Things would get clearer
The fog would disappear
You could see what you’re thinking
You could discern the truth
You could free up some mental space
You could feel better inside
You could find the way out
You could know that you’re sane
You could clear away the cobwebs
You could stumble upon your hidden treasure
You could understand yourself a lot better
You could make a business plan
You could reach your dream
You could solve your problem
You could become illuminated
You could cleanse your heart
You could heal your pain
You could find love again
You could get a new job
You could blaze a new trail
You could find yourself
You could mend your broken spirit
You could ease your broken heart
You could write great stories
You could help somebody
You could write your book
You could change your life
You could change the world…
Start writing! Today!

This is why I write. No, this is why I LOVE to write. Writing can become anything you want it to be and for me that is expressing myself, and with that self expression I can just run with it because it can turn into anything. Everyone has a favorite thing that they like to do and for me that is writing and I do it because it helps to relax me and get me through whatever I might be going through. Writing for me is a part of my everyday life, a part of my being…and it just makes sense.

So Long 2013…

This year will be one that I will never forget, and like everything when it’s over I learned so much from it that I will take with me into next year. Looking back, there have been a lot of highs and lows and some things that were unimaginable but we made it through. I believe moving forward we can all stand to do a lot better than we have been doing, whether it’s reaching out to someone and helping someone in need or being better in this new year than we were last year. I know that we have all gone through our own trials and it has definitely been a journey for all of us to find that light at the end of the tunnel, which I call the end of the year, but we are getting closer (t minus three hours). I pray that there are no repeats to anything that has happened before and that we can all move forward together and that we all be willing to let go of the past and make new things happen within this new year. We all did a lot of things within this new year that I am sure we would all like to leave behind us, and I hope we do and we make better decisions moving forward. There was a lot of sadness that came along with this year but as we continue to move forward I know that things will get a little easier. A lot of people who we started this year with didn’t make it to the finish line with us, and although they are in our hearts it hurts to see that they are no longer here on earth but I pray that they are all in a better place. Moving into this new year I look ahead to 2014 with lots of hope, enthusiasm, and optimism for I know that God will see us all through. 2013 had its ups and downs but we still made it through, and although we didn’t do all of what we wanted to do I believe that 2014 will be all that we wished it to be and then some. Happy New Year! Continue to check out the blog because there is a lot more to come…