Are We There Yet?

In a perfect world, we would never have to overcome the things that are and have held, not only this world, but the people in it back for so long because we would know what it would be like to truly be equal. But in this world that we are faced to live in, that type of thing is not the case and for centuries people, of all races, have had to endure so many hardships along the way to finding their place in this world that we live in. The one thing that we are all struggling to overcome, is to be seen for who we are and not for who others may label us to be. Today marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, the same march where thousands of people of all races came together, united as one, to show that racial harmony is what is needed. On that day Dr. King delivered his famous “I Have A Dream Speech”, that helped to not only move a nation but to really catapult the civil rights movement. I know when a lot of us hear civil rights we think that it only deals with black people, but this is false on so many levels. Have blacks, especially in the South, had it hard over the years with not having the same civil liberties as their counterparts? Yes, we have but civil rights is about and for every human being having the same right to what their neighbor has. Over the years since this epic event in our history, there have been many situations that have happened that either go unnoticed by people or the media and even Congress. We often times, especially today turn a blind eye to things so that we don’t have to get involved because often times we feel that it is a hassle. Is it? No, because on this day fifty years ago people from all over, without the technology of computers or even smart phones were able to all come together on a hot August day to take a stand for what they truly believed in. When you look at the news today, to see all of the warring that is going on on our homeland and across this country it really makes you realize that we have come so far, but we still have a ways to go. Not just my people, but the American people, because as the song says, “this land is your land, this land is my land”, and in order for it to run smoothly we all have to come together.

Family Reunion

With so much going on in the world our worlds it is not hard to lose sight of what is important. Today I had the pleasure of spending the day with my family at our family reunion and even though there were some that weren’t able to make it, being there in the midst of all of the laughs, food, and love made the day so much better. We all can get so wrapped up in things that don’t or shouldn’t always matter and we put what should be important on the back burner (we’ll talk more about this later) and when we think to come back to it it may be too late. Spending time with and making the memories with family is one of those things that a lot of times we lose sight on and or forget to do and when we think to do it, it can some times be too late. Being around all of my family, and looking at everyone’s faces as they had fun and were enjoying each other made me take a mental snapshot of this one particular moment that we were all able to participate in. We won’t all choose to make certain things a priority in our lives until it is too late, but the one thing in life that will always serve us a purpose and will be the stronghold in our lives (at least for me) is the love of my family. We may bicker with each other, as we all do, but when it’s all said and done memories like these are all worth it. Don’t let life and the things that you’re trying to conquer make you lose sight of what is important, because it is those that are around you that really matter.

Seeing It Through

It is so easy to come up with an idea, and even quicker to not see it through. Right now this is something that I am facing because I know what I need to do but my problem is following it through. Why is that? We can have the greatest idea but don’t have the drive to see it completely through. What I am currently conjuring up in my head will only help me to evolve as a person and make a better future for myself, but that is only if I have the guts to see it through. That is the problem, we become so scared of the what-if’s that we never really give ourselves a fair chance to succeed. As much as we fear being great beyond our own measure we need to realize that if we never try we don’t know what will happen, and the what-if’s will always be there. The most important thing in life that I never want to do is live a life full of regrets, so it’s time to shake off the fear (and procrastination) and move forward with my ideas of today, which could turn into something great tomorrow.