Enjoying the Sunshine

It’s summertime and I’m pretty sure that we are all feeling the heat wave that has made its way across this great country of ours, but even as the temperatures rise more than we’d like them to, I am appreciating the glow of the sunshine. This glow can have many different meanings to how you look at it or apply it to your life, but for me it just means that I am enjoying the feeling of the things around me being as good as they are. Everything may not be great, that is life but to see now how things have been working out, and to look out of the window and see the sun shining (even with the heat that it brings) lets me know that even in the darkest of hours that things are not as bad as they may seem, and that God will always make a way. The sunshine will always give me hope, even in the midst of the rain, which has been coming in droves, has washed away all of the pains that we have, to see the sun shining lets me know that things will always work out, no matter what. So I look forward to seeing the sun out and even though it may be hot out, I enjoy seeing God smiling down on me, because it makes me more appreciative of all that He has done for me….

“Don’t let toda…

“Don’t let today slip through your fingers, take the necessary steps to make it all that you feel that it should be…”-Me

This just came to me and made me think of how easily we can let today fall by the wayside and never do all that we feel that we should do, or whatever is on our hearts. We may just walk around and let time slip away…DON’T, get up and do whatever you need to, to make today count and not having to look back on it with regrets. 

Stay Tuned…

I know that I haven’t posted anything in awhile, but stay tuned. As the summer heats up, my mind is rapidly running thinking of all the things that I need and want to say. DO NOT WORRY I will not leave you out of the loop, but I will keep you informed with all that is going on in this life of mine. So join me in this very hectic life of mine…Stay tuned!!!