My Realization…

After making a life-changing situation within the last couple of weeks, I have had a lot of time to think about what it is that I really want. I know that it’s time to not just sit back and let the chips fall where they may but for me to look at the situation in it’s entirety and figure out what went wrong and make a better, more informed choice in the future. I think at times we can have the right mindset to do what we know we need but then things happen and we get sidetracked by our feelings and then before we know it we end up all over the place, emotionally and physically. The next time around in my relationship, when I am ready for it, I want to be able to listen to that voice inside that lets me know that where I am is either right or wrong. Too often we let our heart lead us into temptation and before we know it we are falling all over a cliff and can’t stop ourselves. This time I want to be able to stop myself from falling and realize what is going on…

Author: She is The Chaos Coordinator

Life can be Chaotic, but it can also be Beautiful.

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