The Unthinkable…Isn’t So

The moment when you are minding your own business and your heart stops….this is the feeling that so many people have, and just hours ago at Bush Airport countless others have felt that same feeling. A shooting had occurred in Terminal B and even though I do not have all of the specifics just to know that a place where in the last ten or so years security is supposed to be on the highest alert makes you wonder how this could have happened. More than anything, it makes you question all of the careless and horrendous act of violence that have been happening lately all around the world. When things like this happen it just reminds me that nowhere is safe and at any moment any thing can happen. The one thing that gets me through things like this is my faith and praying to God, asking that His angels will watch over me throughout my days. The way the world is going now you never know when anything will happen that will not be what you expected.


Forget Me Not…

With all of the things that life can throw our way and our minds constantly thinking of the next thing that needs to be done, there isn’t much room to be forgetful. We have all been there before, we forget to pay a bill or to call like we said we would but what happens when you start to forget the important things-the things that really matter. How do we let this mishap, at least in the minds of those that we care for, happen and even though it does not go unnoticed how do we make it right? I think we first have to take a step back and realize what is important to us and focus on that. Forgetting a precious milestone, such as a loved ones birthday, your anniversary, or any of those things hurts and to say that you forgot is not a good excuse. We make time for what we want to in life and never should we put anything before what we hold dear to us, which for me would be the people that I care about most. We can forget a lot of things but you can never erase the memory of joy on someone else’s face when you wish them a ___________ (whatever that may be). If others can take the time and make an effort to remember, the least you can do is try it for once.

A Question…

Today while I was cruising down my facebook timeline I found something really bizarre, or at least to me. I saw a picture of Tim Tebow being scrutinized for acknowledging his faith in God and right beside that was a picture of veteran basketball player, Jason Collins, and he was being praised for coming out with his sexuality. Is it just me that is baffled by this? You have some people who could praise a man for the way he chooses to live but berate another  for his religious beliefs, and I  personally think it is wrong. What do I think is wrong with this picture? The fact that in today’s world, people can choose to be so frank about every thing in the world but when the mention of God and religion comes up they do not care to acknowledge it or act as if it is a science that no longer exist. I don’t judge either way because it is not for me to do and being that we all have faults and continue to mess up on a daily basis I never will but as I have been taught, homosexuality goes against what I believe. Have I had friends, family, or even people that I know who have chosen this way of life? Yes, and I don’t look at them any differently because of it but when you start to praise one and look down upon another, which in life we all have done at some point, you have to take a step back and ask, is it the right thing to do? That is the question….