Yesterday I wal…

Yesterday I walked…I walked for those who couldn’t, those who if I were in their shoes would do the same for me, I walked with a purpose, with pride that what I was doing something that was bigger than me…something that I hope will be life-changing for at least one person…

Yesterday tons of people in my local area participated in an Aids Walk and with it being my first time I was glad to be doing something than was for a good cause. I didn’t know what to expect but I was able to take away so much and just glad to be in company with others who were willing to do something for someone else. There wasn’t much more than walking and conversation going on but the one thing that was shared was all of us being able to do something for a cause that affects so many of us.

Author: This Woman's Words

I am a woman who is outspoken. I am a woman who loves to speak out her thoughts so that someone somewhere will be able to hear them, and in some way take a piece of that and be able to relate to it. I am a woman of many words, just sit back and read.

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