Something More…

This was a weekend that I had been waiting for. Why? Because this weekend held more purpose than I could ever imagine, more laughter in one single moment that I had in one given day last week. Everything that happened, or that I did was very necessary and God did it for a reason. My friend planned out our weekend and the whole mission: was just to have fun and walk with a purpose (explain that later), and we did just that. Saturday we went to HLSR and had a ball, I rode all of the rides that I had been eyeing for the past two weeks and she ate more junk and called on the Lords’ name more than a few times. We met people and just had fun. That was a very memorable night and by the end of it I was dog tired. What would be the most memorable experience hadn’t even happened yet. Within a couple of hours of laying down we were right back up to go to the annual Aids Walk that was held. I had never had a better time or feeling walking for something or someone more important than myself. Being a part of that taught me that some things in life are much bigger than us and if we take the time to just see that life is more precious than we tend to make it. If were willing to do so much more with ourselves and our own lives and take responsibility for the things we do things could be so much better. I have learned a lot in the last twenty four hours and I plan to do so much with what I learned. Just wait and see…

Author: She is The Chaos Coordinator

Life can be Chaotic, but it can also be Beautiful.

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