My Sunshine

After a day of unsettled feelings, no that’s not what I felt, not being to quite comprehend my thoughts more clearly is how I felt. It was weird because I felt really good but whenever I tried to put how I felt into words nothing made sense. Anywho, I am past that today and I feel better today but curiosity is starting to rear its ugly head on a few things running through my head. With those I guess I will have to find answers to those sooner than later. One of the purest and most soothing things brightened my day. What is it you ask? I turned over this morning and saw the sun shining and it instantly put a smile on my face :). In that moment I really didn’t care what happened because I knew that moment would carry me throughout my day. And it has into this late evening and even though I haven’t done much that same energy is with me. I am idly thinking of my ever growing to-do list that I need to work on. I will but I just had to spread some of my sunshine around before the sun actually faded into this night.

Author: She is The Chaos Coordinator

Life can be Chaotic, but it can also be Beautiful.

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