A Live Saturday Night (Or Not)…

This day has been lively in its own ways but it has also come with the price of being so tired. After a game night filled with laughs, drinks, and some ok food my partner in crime and I didn’t know what hit us this morning as we woke up feeling as though we had been apart of the nightlife the night before. What happened we ask because we woke up feeling as though we got in as the sun came up and we had consumed more than our fair share of alcohol (which we did not). All of this wrapped up into one made for a very, and I mean very, sluggish day. We were not up for doing much of anything, which could explain the reason why our day didn’t start until after noon. We fiddled with our to-do list and tried to get as much done as possible which didn’t fair so well on my end :). But even through all of that I was able to enjoy hanging out with a dear friend who always seems to come through when called on. So, as good as my Friday night was the morning after for us wasn’t as lively as we would’ve hoped for but there’s a bright side…there is always next weekend to get it right 🙂

Author: She is The Chaos Coordinator

Life can be Chaotic, but it can also be Beautiful.

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