Whether or Weather: The Everchanging

I was sitting and thinking and out of nowhere it seemed to come to me, but putting it all together took some time (as do all good things). Whether/weather, two words that sound alike and in some instances, the way that I’m thinking, tend to hold similar meaning. Where I live the weather here can change from cold to hot, from hot to raining within a matter of hours; in with the word whether we tend to change our minds so frequently it can be mind boggling to some. Oh a lot of us do it and when you think about it the old saying comes into mind “you change your mind like the weather”; and while we’re scatter brained about this one thing and then moving to the next we tend to wonder whether or not the choices we’re about to make fit into our lives. Will they make us happy? Are we doing what feels right to us or someone else? There are so many questions that have our minds fleeting with either nervous energy or fear and whether or not that is a good thing is all up to us. Just like with the everchanging weather that seems to follow its own mind to do what it wants to do, we should be the same way. Live our lives the way we want to and don’t worry about others’ judgements because that is not what we should live for. I awoke to this beautiful sunny day, albeit a little cold, I felt inspired to do the things that have been lingering far too long on my to-do list and just enjoy all that I have. I have love all around me and God has given me so much joy even though where I am standing now may not be where I choose to be, it’s still a good spot. Whether I choose to do this or that or any of it at all I will still flow through life just as the weather does…as carefree and breezy as ever.

Author: She is The Chaos Coordinator

Life can be Chaotic, but it can also be Beautiful.

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